American Pest Control has established itself as the premier pest control and wildlife service provider in the northeast Georgia area. With a proven Integrated Pest Management method backed by the National Pest Management System, APC utilizes a team of experienced, certified technicians who continually treat homes and businesses for year-round security and safety. APC stands out in the industry because even though it has been a staple in the industry for over forty years, each and every member continues to educate themselves and evolve their techniques to fit modern-day needs. APC technicians attend ongoing courses to learn more about the newest techniques and seasonal concerns.

Citizens of Georgia have relied on American Pest Control as their one-stop resource against all crawlers and invasive pests. From the metro area of Atlanta to various centers throughout northeast Georgia, APC extends its exceptional service through the state. Additionally, the business has a branch office in South Carolina. Every APC service center and office location is personalized to fit the area’s specific geographic needs. However, one thing always stays the same: the satisfaction of APC customers. Check out a sample review from a longtime customer:

“I have had your service for a long time. I can say I appreciate the service; you take care of my house and yard. I can truly say you will never find a more trustful service guy than Richard Parr.”

-Wilma L., Pendergrass, Ga.

Some of APC’s best customer experiences also come from those who have previously tried similar services and are simply dissatisfied. The team enjoys the chance to show frustrated homeowners and businesses that there is hope, and they stand out in comparison to other pest control agencies because they are happy to teach their clients how to prevent future incidents.

“My daughter has used several pest control companies around Athens and American Pest Control is the best. They were the only ones who got rid of my pest problem and they are the first company that I called to start service for my son.”

-Mother of Lindsey B., Athens, Georgia