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Joe Ward

We recently moved here to Washington into the Newsome home. Might I add very quickly, what a beautiful town and as we meet people, I am finding that everyone is so very nice and welcoming. Along with the purchase of our home, we received the warranty that came with it from you, American Pest Control. Not understanding the whole termite inspection warranty and the little green baskets buried all around the house, I contacted you. I was told that a universal tech would arrive on December 29th (yesterday) to check the baskets and to meet with me. A gentleman by the name of Ed Stratton did just that. He and I walked around the property and he explained in great detail how these baskets work and how safe they are for us, our pets and all the little critters who play and roam around here. He went into great detail as to answer all my questions and possible concerns I may have had. Before yesterday, I knew nothing about this protection. Now after meeting with Ed, I feel like I could sit down with a client and explain the treatment and procedure of keeping ones home safe from termites. I would like to thank Ed for taking time out of his busy day to stop by here and tutor me in termite inspection and how it all works. We plan on keeping your company for many decades to ensure that our home will always be protected. Thank you Ed, Joe & Laura

Customer Email #4

From my initial call to Debby who was awesome by the way, I knew I chose the right company to handle my needs. I appreciated Mike’s pic. And Mike…well it was like welcoming family into my home. I was totally impressed with the service and the price. So glad I made the call.

Customer Email #3

(Regarding our mosquito service) Thanks so much for the great customer service. We’ve enjoyed our yard more this summer than in the last 10 years.

Customer Email #2

Please note that it our opinion that your Tech Pete Brown is a valuable asset to your company.

He’s provided excellent service for us at this location.  My deceased father held Pete in high regard and I’ve appreciated his visits since my father died in April.  He’s always very friendly and ready to assist with any request or problem….he deserves a big raise!

Customer Email #1

Tim did a great job and we can’t wait to see him again for next time.

Nikki B

We have used American for almost 3 years now.  We are in the Peachtree Corners area and although we are serviced out of the Conyers office; they treat us as though we are just down the street.  These people really know how to treat their clients.  I have never had any issues with their billing department or their service guys.  This spring they introduced me to mosquito repellant for the yard that I swore would not work…and it did!  I can’t say enough good stuff.  Keep up the good work!

Jill H

I have to say that the customer service is excellent with this company.  The technicians I’ve had direct contact with, Andy and Ryan, are both superb, and A.J. the mosquito manager came to help once and he was also awesome.  We’ve had a terrible time managing mosquitoes and they’ve been incredibly helpful and willing to do whatever they could.  I didn’t find out how much mosquitoes like to bite me until I moved to the south and this company is really going above and beyond to provide good service. They never question me when I call about the mosquito problem.  As far as I know our termite bond will be upheld and thankfully we have not had to find out!


I have used American Pest Control for over 15 years.  Their service people are professional, always want to know of any problems that I might be having, are friendly, and do an excellent job.  If a problem appears between scheduled treatments, they always return to handle whatever the problem is as soon as I call.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for an excellent pest control company.

Donna B.

Worked with me to remove a HUGE hornet nest from my yard at a very fair price!   Also have had a termite contract with them since 1985.   Wonderful customer service!

S Cousineau

Great service and friendly, trustworthy company. I feel
comfortable having them in my home. Good work too, 
no bugs!!!!

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